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Why Do You Need An Auto Responder for Your Online Business?

Imagine you finally have the budget to get a new car, you go to a dealer from an specific brand, then you go to the other and the other and the other! You like the cars from some of those places, you don’t like others, colors, shape, space etc etc. The moment when you start looking for a car and the moment, time, day or hour you finally decide which one you want and you close the transaction for it could be days, weeks or month!! That is a perfect and a very informal example of why WE ALL need auto responders for our businesses online. When you talk to a person, or lets say when someone sees your link in general and click on it, they are not going to BUY, SIGN UP OR JOIN RIGHT AWAY! Sometimes they don’t understand what is it about right away, sometimes they don’t have the money, sometimes they need a little push from you to take a step ahead and change their lives with whatever opportunity you are offering.

There is when Auto Responders, building a list is important. If you catch EVERY SINGLE of your visitors information, and by that I mean just their names and emails, you would be able to keep in touch with them, send more information and maybe awake some curiosity in them that as a final result will have them BUY, SIGN UP OR JOIN your opportunity. If you are getting right now a thousand visitors a day by promoting your business ANYWHERE, and only 5 of them signed up that means that you are missing the opportunity to connect with 995 more people that could mean 100 more sales in the long run! ( 2 or 3 weeks after that initial visit). Following up is very important and remember, if that person visited your online business one day means that they either need extra income, good money etc.

I use different tools that help my businesses grow, I am working in online, building my own business in companies like Wake Up NowBMID and others and the key to all my success or at least 90% of it is thanks to Auto Responders, Capture Leads Pages and other tools provided by TrafficWave.

TrafficWave is a very compact system that provide you all the tools you need to help your business succeed. You can create your own capture page, to capture those leads information with template and color just like many of the professional online business website you have seen out there. Also you can build a list that will be accessible at any time and where from you can contact ALL your subscribers each and every day. Auto Responder campaign are made emails that you make for all of those visitors to receive each and every day after the day they visited your website. So let’s say they visited your website in a Monday but they didn’t really signed up, well with auto responders they will be included in a campaign that will send them your emails about your business and products at least once a day. You can enjoy ALL this benefits by clicking HERE: TrafficWave30DaysFREETrial


Hello guys, I haven’t been active in the blog the last couple weeks and it is because my beautiful wife is pregnant and we re just enjoying every moment. My content still out there, I am also very active on Facebook and You Tube and much importantly I am still working from home and making tons of money!

This is a very special video that I wanted to share with you guys. I have been talking A LOT about Wake Up Now recently and I have been working with this amazing online business for just a month now… Well guess what! I just got my my first pay check directly to my official company debit card and here is the proof of me taking out a couple hundred dollars from a Bank Of America ATM.

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Leads are an essential part in ANY online business/program we decide to work with. Leads are strictly people that fell in love with the business opportunity information we shared with them, we posted somewhere or advertised in a great popular page. There is no better prospects than the ones that take action and click our links to find out more information! Now, once they visit the link they may find good information but because they don’t have the money to join, change their minds or felt overwhelm by reading so much information they decide to leave and we will never know who they are!

There is when the capturing your leads part come to the scene and why it is so important! If you get a website address and then create a capture page so every time someone interested visit our page they will be asked to put their names and email BEFORE continuing to our sites for more info.

With that said, we are capturing their information to contact/connect with them in the future. We now know who they are and how to contact them so even if they leave our website without signing up or joining our team, we know that they were there for a reason and we now know they were close to that final step which we can help to be completed by contacting them through email or connecting with them through social media.

There is people that completely ignore us in Social media and other places that we promote our business, but those who have that little feeling of changing their lives and making more money and those are the ones that if we FOLLOW UP with them will join/sign up under us to start making money online. You can have all the traffic in the world but the reality is that not everyone REALLY interested will join the first time they see our opportunity for different reasons, that is why we need to capture them and use a system like TrafficWave to help us convince them a little bit more everyday.

TrafficWave is a system that let you create capture pages to of course capture your leads and at the same time provides auto responder for once those people subscribe to your page to get more info send emails automatically every day as many different as you want at least one everyday. That is a HUGE thing I would like you guys to incorporate to your business and see with your own eyes the results in less than 30 days. Imagine you generating all that traffic and capturing information of thousands of people, it will be thousands of emails and people info you will have to contact and push to complete the sign up process.

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5 Things To Have in Mind with Network Marketing 2014

It is not a secret that Network Marketing have been, is and will be the business of this 21st century. The amount of great companies out there with great products, compensation plans and solid leadership is HUGE! A lot of people from all parts of the world are making a living from Network Marketing while at the same time they enjoy all the products and benefits included for being part of an organization. This post is for Network Marketers in general, if you are one continue to read on! If you are completely new, a good head start is to read Go Pro by Eric Worre which you could get FREE from Me HERE

Now… time for me to share with you what has been VERY IMPORTANT for me and many other people once you join Network Marketing:

  1. Patience – for me, the number one important thing for Network Marketing or ANYTHING in life. In Network Marketing simply because it takes time to learn, it takes time to build, it takes time to earn money, it takes time to then earn the amount of money you want etc, etc. Focus on learning everything you can related to this amazing business, follow leaders and be ready to work hard every day.
  2. Motivation –  this will help you with having patience and everything else. Your motivation is what moves you to do what you want in order to get what you need. So if you are serious about your Network Marketing business, motivation will keep you awake a few more hours, will never let you fall down if you are not getting the results in the first couple of weeks. Whether your motivation is your family ( kids is mostly the number one reason), or simply the opportunity to earn more money and change your lifestyle it is going to be what keeps you going everyday.
  3. Purpose in Network Marketing – when you start Network Marketing it is important that you DON’T FOCUS on the money at the beginning. That will get you frustrated, this is not a one week thing because you are building something FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE! So the main focus/purpose when you start Network Marketing should always be to EDUCATE others and help them to understand the business. Of course, you are going to learn all you can while starting to build your empire and based on what you have learned you are going to help others who are starting as well. Nobody is a bad person for trying to help, so if people see that your intentions are education and understanding you won’t be ignored or seen as a person who is looking to make money. If you put that on practice, you will build relationships and you are going to get massive following from people which will be very beneficial in the future.
  4. Consistency – if you want to make money then consistency will probably be the ONLY thing you can’t forget about in this industry. By consistency I mean being active everywhere you can online and offline. People want to have you there, if they hear about you one day they want to know you will be there the next one. If you are here show them you are serious about your business and that you work hard. It is the only way of getting results you can later show them and encourage them to do the same. If you use Facebook, social media in general be active and stay active. Work hard everyday, connect with new people, follow up and talk to people every day. If you feel like it, make your own blog and post something everyday, same with YouTube, create a YouTube channel and upload new content to this places everyday.
  5. Rewards/Money – it is the last of my list but for some people can happen anytime while putting all the other 4 things in order. I have known of people who make the first couple dollars within a few days or week. Now to get the amount of money you would like to create which I am pretty sure is thousands monthly, rewards then will sure be your last thing to get. Why? If you don’t establish a good presence online with the things I mentioned above, if you don’t build relationships or build your team in whatever company you have decided to join and make money with, you won’t be able to earn thousands of dollars monthly like me and many other people online right now. So focus in doing the first 4 things and DON’T GIVE UP, the rewards will come automatically later and YOU WILL LOVE IT!

So those are the 5 things that got me here. I wanted to share that with you guys simply because most of you will quit an opportunity because it doesn’t get you to earn to money fast and per hour like you do in your regular job. Now think about, when your next wage raise in your actual job will be and how much per hour? Network Marketing can get you paid for way more than over 60% of the jobs out there in less than a year! Keep working hard, and by working hard all I ask you for is to sit in front of your computer and establish your presence online, put yourself and your business out there and meet new people, how wonderful is that? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog for more tips and ideas on Network Marketing 🙂

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Why Posting On Facebook Groups STILL Important!

Facebook is today one of the most powerful FREE tools we have today to promote our businesses, products and programs. However to get targeted leads the idea of Facebook groups have become very popular. If you surf a little bit on Facebook today, you will see TONS of Facebook Groups related to Network Marketing, online business in general, MLM, etc. That is awesome!! Well the problem is that there is so many people promote their own business, each with a different one, with links (spamming) it makes it hard to see Facebook Groups as a potential lead generation place.

Now I have done it with an Automated Software that spins ads and images and post everything I want about my business automatically and based on my experience I can tell you it STILL WORKS! Why? And for that Why? I have 3 Main Reasons of Why Posting In Facebook Groups is Still a good idea or strategy:

1) Exposure – still a place where you can let the world know you exist, your business exist and that you have an opportunity that stands out from the rest. People, hungry people looking to make an extra income or just to get involved in Network Marketing, join this groups and search for opportunities they may consider to make money.

2) Frustrated Marketers – I believe that 90% of the people (marketers) that post about their business opp. are frustrated marketers that are not really succeeding at the moment and they are trying to get their money back for joining a CHEAP program with no vision, good products and organization so eventually YOUR business is going to be the perfect opportunity for many of them to join your business and quit the ones they are doing right now. Trust me it happens, either they are not making any money or the program “SUCKS” that eventually they will stop reverse marketing you and will ask you about your program how that works etc… until they join.

Whenever you get a chance, TARGET this people, those who you think are not being successful, connect with them and talk to them everyday you can!

3) Traffic – Be different, don’t put a long sometimes scary affiliate link. Be a professional and invite them to a video presentation of yourself explaining the opportunity.Send them a YouTube link so they can go and visit your channel, watch your videos and maybe subscribe. You get more views, subscribers and at the same time you are creating an engagement for the future.

The best way to promote in Facebook is by connecting with people one to one but Facebook groups can help you MORE than what you can imagine. I personally generate over 40 leads from this groups because of those 3 reasons. However I don’t waste my time posting everything manually, I use an automated system software called BMID, that help me with the promotion of my website by posting in up to 6,000 a day. I don’t have as many yet but I post daily in 200 and I get awesome results! GET THE SOFTWARE HERE or visit:

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Network Is Not Perfect…It’s Just Better! | Discover how Network Marketing can Change Your Life

Network Marketing is not perfect…It’s Just Better (Eric Worre, Network Marketing Professional Giant). In that message I started to discover a whole new world, a whole new career for me and my close ones. Network Marketing as Robert Kiyosaki stated, is Century 21st Business. Why? People are tired of working 9-5, having a boss that wants the best out of them but the hard work is never reflected in their paycheck. Now if you can make the same amount of money from home with your computer just by simply connecting with people and sharing good products and services of a specific company why we should work for someone else dreams? The proof of success are out there, you can do some research and I consider myself as well as a very successful story. I am not a millionaire yet, but was I going to be one Working for a $9.50 an hour job? NO!

I decided to start my journey in Network Marketing as a part-time thing, of course keeping my job, working full time and also putting a lot of hours in what was my new dream, an Internet Entrepreneur. I worked hard enough to make $2,500 monthly which was way far over the income I was getting at my current 40 hours a week job. I still have my job, I love it! I love the people in it and by the way I got a raise. But now, I am on my way of making $8,000 residual monthly income which means I WON’T HAVE TO WORK ANYMORE if I don’t want to! Notice how I am not talking about how I am a millionaire and all the movie, I am making a GREAT residual monthly income by working from home in my computer with my pregnant wife next to me. All this while I am off from my actual job. I am not telling you leave your job, but do something for yourself, start earning more money.

There are really good companies with good products and services to offer. An example of that is WAKE UP NOW, a network marketing company that let you enjoy discounts from multiple stores, phone companies, and other services while you have the opportunity to make money. You can also get a VISA debit card with them where you will be paid directly and it is completely FREE. Again, I don’t know exactly your situation, this blog is specifically about Network Marketing companies and programs where you can be successful at because I have either try them or work with them before. It is your choice and I will support you 100% if you decide to come aboard.

If you would like to try it, you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE. Simply because if you don’t have enough money to pay your bills now, you will never have it UNLESS you do something. I invite you to contact me for more information. You can either call me or email me about this opportunity that has worked for me and I am sure will work for me as well.

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